Dr Julia Archbold

September 10, 2015

JuliaArchboldDr Julia Archbold has a BSc in biomedical science from the University of Queensland (UQ) and a PhD in the field of structural immunology from Monash University. She also has a Graduate Certificate in editing and publishing from the University of Southern Queensland. Julia has over 14 years experience as a biomedical researcher, working in both industry and academic sectors. Throughout her research career, Julia published numerous research articles and informal blog posts. After leaving the bench, she became the Publications and Science Communications Officer at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (UQ), and has a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing. Julia is now a full-time freelance science writer and editor. She is passionate about clear, concise, and correct science communication. Her areas of speciality include immunology, biochemistry, structural biology, protein crystallography, cancer, cell biology, pharmacology and drug discovery. She has experience editing manuscripts, grant proposals and theses. Julia is based in Brisbane, Australia and enjoys running, reading, and drinking coffee.