Pauline Addis

July 11, 2016

Pic Dr Pauline Addis loves science and good communication. She obtained her BSc  (Hons) from Imperial in 2003 and her MSc from UWE in 2007, for which she was  awarded the Dodson & Horrell trophy for top student. She then undertook her  PhD at Newcastle University in equine biomechanics, investigating how the  changing mechanical properties of tendon with age affect horse’s gait. The PhD led  to several publications and presentations at international conferences, as well as a  deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and how best to gain the co-operation of an excitable foal. After graduating in 2012, she stayed at Newcastle, switching from horses to humans, and is now involved in demonstrating the impact of medical research. She works with researchers in all areas, from fundamental biology to public health, via cancer research, genetics and neuroscience, and therefore has an enviably broad understanding of a whole range of medical research. Pauline is skilled in all aspects of science communication, from grant writing to the final publication. She continues to act as a peer reviewer for publications such as the Journal of Experimental Biology and greatly values clear, concise manuscripts.