Dr Louise Venables

7月 2, 2014

Dr Louise Venables obtained a PhD in Psychology & Psychophysiology at Liverpool John Moores University, an MSc (distinction) in Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience at the University of Liverpool, and a BSc/BA (Hons) in Psychology with Philosophy at the University of Sunderland. She has several years of experience as an academic researcher, which involved the use of ERP, fMRI, MEG and psychophysiological measures. She has published a number of articles relating to cognitive neuroscience (memory, anxiety), neurofeedback, mood and mental effort and biocybernetics. She has also worked as a chartered psychologist, providing both assessment and therapy. She currently works as freelance copyeditor and certified proofreader specialising in the editing of academic texts. Her present work comprises the copyediting of medical journal manuscripts and scientific papers for non-native English speakers (in both UK and US English), and the proofreading of humanities articles. Her specialist areas include psychology, neuroscience, laryngology and otology, and the humanities.