Andrew Apudo

May 17, 2024

Andrew Apudo is a full-time Life Science Editor with publishing experience. Andrew obtained his first degree, BSc in Plant Ecology and Environmental Science, from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, and afterwards, an MSc in Botany, from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he investigated the physiological mechanisms of adaptation of aquatic submergent plants to increased eutrophication in lakes in south-west China. Andrew has published four papers in international journals and has over 10 years of experience editing papers in the Life Sciences, in subjects ranging from Botany, Marine Biology, Freshwater Biology, Environmental Toxicology, Ecology, Environmental Science, to Plant Biochemistry. Andrew has been editing with Oxford Science Editing for 6 years.

Andrew also regularly prepares written resources for dissemination of current or emerging science for different focus groups, including public service practitioners and members of the private sector, for example, on climate change, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.