Standard Editing

A complete language optimisation service, including proofreading and editing. All grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors will be corrected, and the paper will be ready for submission on its return. A consistent style will also be applied throughout the manuscript. An editing certificate can be supplied on request.

£0.04 per word
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Premium Editing

If you need your paper formatted to the guidelines of a target journal, and/or more intensive editing, word count reduction and responding to reviewer comments. Our editors provide an assessment of your manuscript, detailing how to improve your manuscript further.

£0.05 per word
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Additional Services

Cover letter writing

We will write a cover letter to accompany submission of your paper to your target journal, to make clear the impact, importance and novelty of your work, and improve the chances of your manuscript being sent for peer review £55

Abstract writing

We will write an Abstract for your paper to give it the best chance of being accepted by your target journal. £55

Highlights, summaries or key messages

Many journals require the preparation of short summaries, excerpts or highlights of manuscripts that emphasize the impact and novelty of your paper. Preparing this concise text can be challenging – our experts can write it for you. £28

Target journal selection

Our experts will identify at least three journals that are suitable for submission of your paper. We consider factors such as your desired impact factor, open access status or rapid peer review, as requested. £48

Reference formatting

We will format the reference list of your manuscript, or reformat it if you change your mind about the target journal or the paper needs to be submitted to a second journal. £28 / 30 references

Manuscript formatting

We will format your manuscript if you change your mind about the target journal or the paper needs to be submitted to a second journal. £45

Section writing

Our team will write (or rewrite) individual sections of your manuscript (most commonly the introduction and/or discussion) to improve the quality and impact of your paper. £75 / hour (typically 4-6 hours)

Manuscript writing

Our experienced team can write whole research papers for you. You provide the data, the research question that the study addresses, details of the methods you used, and key points you want to include in the introduction and conclusions, and we do the rest. £75 / hour (typically 15-30 hours)

Review article writing

We can write full review articles based on a manuscript outline that you provide, or add extra text to a partly written review. £75 / hour (typically 15-25 hours)

Statistical analysis

Our statisticians will analyse your data for incorporation into a manuscript. This can be done as a standalone service or in conjunction with our manuscript writing service. £75 / hour

Modification of manuscript to satisfy reviewer comments

Our experts will help you modify your manuscript to address comments received from peer reviewers and journal editors. We can also draft a response letter to the journal. £75 / hour

Re-editing of additional text

Reviewers and journal editors often require additional work to be conducted before the manuscript can be accepted. We check any additional content made to previously edited manuscripts for a reduced price, and can also help with the preparation of reviewer responses or cover letters. £0.022 / word

Abstract editing

We are delighted to edit short texts such as conference abstracts. Because we charge for editing by the word, there is no minimum cost for this. £0.04 / word

Poster and presentation editing

We will edit the text of your conference poster or presentation, to ensure excellent English. Bespoke

Editing of grant and funding proposals

Our experienced academic scientists edit grant and funding proposals to help improve your chances of success. £0.05 / word

Preparation of lay summaries or text for the public

Our experts can communicate your science in simplified English – for example, to audiences such as policymakers or the public, for use in blog posts or on your website, or in lay summaries for funding agencies. £75 / hour

Rush Orders

Rush orders are returned within 48 hours. Additional 40%


The services listed above can be bundled into packages to suit your needs – for example, a popular choice includes target journal recommendation, manuscript editing, formatting for the target journal, and writing of highlights and a cover letter, but any of our service options can be included in a package to suit your needs. Discounts available - please contact us

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Target journal selection

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