Welcome to the OSE blog

August 29, 2014

It is over 5 years since Oxford Science Editing was conceived in rather humble surroundings by one editor who was tired of watching large companies maximise profits at the expense of the authors and editors. OSE has now grown into a large company itself, but those who work here have never lost the original underpinning ethos. We believe that valuable research should not be at risk of publication rejection because of language difficulties, and authors should not be heavily financially penalised for seeking help. Our editors are treated with the respect they deserve, and many friendships have grown up along the way. The OSE editorial network and the accessible depth of expertise is formidable.

It is a true honour to post this first blog posting on our new website. The team at Digital Results, our local website designers, have worked tirelessly to make this site as user friendly as possible, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. In the weeks and months to come, this blog will serve as a tool for authors to learn more about the editing process, gain tips from the best about how to improve your chances of publication, and share thoughts on how to survive with a smile in the world of science.

So, please sit back with a cup of tea (one provided if you need) and enjoy our new website. From all of us here at OSE, we look forward to continuing our mission of improving worldwide science communication, one manuscript at a time.

Dr Natalie Morris, OSE Founder and MD