Featured Editor: Dr. Logan, Master of Suspense

September 17, 2015

At Oxford Science Editing, we have a diverse and interesting team of editors, all with many talents beyond their scientific expertise. This week we feature Dr. Patrick Logan, MSc, PhD, who has been working with OSE for the past 2 years. He received his Master’s and PhD in Pathology in Canada and has edited over 1000 manuscripts on topics ranging from ophthalmology to oncology.

However, what really makes his spine tingle and pulse race is conjurSkining stories of suspense, horror and science fiction. His new novel, Skin, is about “family, desperation and pure evil. (The story)… is unrelenting in guiding the reader into the depths of depravity – and the consequences of impossible decisions.”

If you visit Dr. Logan’s website, you will find a true writing relic from his archives, one that foreshadows his future propensity for wicked fun. You can see his reviews, read an excerpt of the book (if you’re not prone to nightmares), as well as purchase a copy, through his Amazon page.

Congratulations, Dr. Logan. May the evil force be with you. We’re glad to have you on our side!

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