OSE has the loveliest editors.

June 6, 2015

At Oxford Science Editing, we only recruit editors with PhD qualifications or medical degrees, and substantial subsequent experience in their respective fields. Our experience over the last decade is that editors can be trained, but what sets our edits apart from other language optimisation companies is the invaluable insights into authors’ work that laboratory or clinical experience bring. Plus, they¬†are, well, just lovely, which means that they care about their work and want our authors to succeed. It is why authors send paper after paper to OSE.

One of our most experienced editors, Dr Lois Bradnam, formerly an editor with the Royal Society of Chemistry, wrote the following about her experiences of working with us:

“I have been working with Oxford Science Editing (OSE) as a scientific editor since August 2013. What I particularly enjoy about working with OSE is that the papers I receive are nearly always within my field of interest and, since my background is deeply rooted in research, it is nice to regularly read some of the cutting edge research coming through. I also enjoy the flexibility of working with OSE as it is not a problem to increase or decrease the number of papers that you receive and taking time away is just a matter of letting them know you’re unavailable. In addition, the timescales given in which to edit are fair. Aside from the mechanics of working as an editor, there is also the staff that make working with OSE a pleasure. They are always courteous, professional and understanding of the issues that editors experience! In short, I very much enjoy and am appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a delightful company.”

You can read more about some of the editors that work with OSE here: http://oxfordscience.wpengine.com/our-editors/